In Hypothetically, the characters return to a village to find a note asking them to explore a nearby temple. The note mentions a small amount of money that is included with it, but the money is missing. Will the characters over react over what is probably not a lot of money for them?

They can also explore the temple itself, and a map of this is included.

This adventure hook has both a temple floor plan and monster stats for both RM and 5e for a new creature. If you players know C&T inside out then this one will have them guessing. I also wrote this just as I was starting to get into my recent revisiting of H P Lovecraft so there is a certain sort of horror element. At least there can be if you emphasis the sound qualities of the temple.

The other stand out features are the two significant NPCs. I would really hope that the GM has some fun with the inn keeper and the patron if he is ever introduced to your world.

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