PC Perils #6 When is a rock not a rock?

Take a little look at this photo. You may well think that this is a rock, quite a big rock but a rock all the same.

The Bowl Rock from Lelant Down, Cornwall

The thing is that this isn’t just a rock, this is ammunition!

The rock is sitting in the valley below a hill fort known as Trencrom, Anyone who has read any Conan books just has to love anywhere that ends in “-Crom”. Aside from being a neolithic enclosure and iron age hill fort Trencrom was the home of Trecobben the giant. Trecobben killed Cormelian, wife of Cormoran the Giant living on St. Micheals Mount by hurling a hammer at her and Cormoran returned fire with rocks and boulders. What you see above is one of Cormorans ‘near misses’.

Cormoran himself is famous for being the giant killed by Jack the giant killer in the ‘fairytale’,

Cormoran The Giant with Jack the Giant Killer

But I digress, the thing is that the rock that missed is half burried in the earth so is at least twice as massive as depicted in the photograph. Many a time I have told players that something is hurling a rock at them but once you have seen what sort of rock it is it really adds more weight to that sentence. The next time you decide to take on an enraged giant just bear in mind it will be throwing boulders the size of small houses at you and if Cormoran was typical in giant terms, he threw that rock about 3 miles (nearly 5km).

Parry that!

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