Personal Update

I will be leaving hospital, barring last minute setbacks, next Monday.

When I get home I will basically be 30% fixed but I am not going to die and there is nothing they can do in hospital that I cannot do as an out patient from home. Just periodic chest scans and x-rays.

What is facing me on my desk at home is nearly a month of real world day job work.

Although I have greatly appreciated you all stepping in and keeping the blog alive I will be coming back up to speed slowly.

I can also feel the pressure of all the hype I have been putting out about my RMu adventure path in the fanzine. I would like to get the June issue out in June.

I also understand that the ice forums have been down while I have been out of it.

From next week. You will get more from me and more frequently but still no promises.

As proof of my progress this is that I look like now…

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  1. Thanks for the update Peter. I am so sorry to hear of your illness. We are glad to hear you are getting out of hospital! The world of Rolemaster, and the world in general, are much better with you in it.

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    My schedule is a little better now, and I will try to do at least one blog a week till you are better. I was hoping to wait till RMU is out (hopefully this year) to start posting my own houserules (since they might have to change if there are any changes to the final version of the ruleset), but maybe I will start early.

    Best of luck in your recovery.

    1. There should be an option to ‘hand wave’ away the convalescence time. “You rest up for a couple of months and now you feel fine, what do you do next?” That is the option I am looking for but can’t find.

      1. It’s not like that in real life??? WTF. Rolemaster has been lying to me all these years? Don’t you just roll the dice or something, then the doctor looks on the crit table and tells you when you’ll be healed?

        I’m glad to see you’re up and at least heading home. Thank you for the updates too. It may not seem like much but your friends are concerned and we have no way of checking in with you.

        Don’t worry about how you look now. Hollywood has some excellent plastic surgeons. But one ailment at a time, my friend.

  2. You do look rather better in that photo than you did in the last! Glad to hear you have improved at least some!

    Sounds like it will just take time now. Which was generally far easier and quicker when we were several decades younger!

  3. “but I am not going to die”

    As you are a gamemaster that is fine.

    My players say something like that at the start of each session but…

  4. Get well, Peter.
    RPG flow-wise, I think the summer time is slow for RPGs with people vacationing and such. My stuff tends to slow down until later in August.

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