Peter’s 50in50 Take 2 Update

Recently I have spent quite a lot of time hanging out on the Castles & Crusades discord server. The C&C crowd are really nice people and many of them have a strong affection for Rolemaster. I was chatting yesterday about virtual Gen Con and the sentiment was that they would jump into a Rolemaster game at the first time of asking if they could find one.

But what does this have to do with our 50in50 ‘take 2’ adventures?

What I would like to do is dual stat the adventures. We cannot go publishing very detailed RM stats, as they would break ICE’s copyrights but we can point people to book and page.

I would like to dual stat as many of these as I can to Rolemaster and C&C. Troll Lord Games, the publisher of C&C recently created 3rd Party Publisher guidelines, logos and badges.

If there is already goodwill between the C&C following and the much smaller RM following, they would seem to be natural bedfellows.

I can easily add the stats to Brian’s 25 as I know the system and I have already published for it.

Brian has an organised plan for his 25 and five of them are already written or outlined. I have done nothing!

At least some of these adventures will be ‘low magic’ or ‘no magic’. Adventures where playing a good old plain fighter, thief or rogue will be more than adequate.

It is possible that these will be low low level or entry-level, probably 1st to 5th. Even if you have a caster in the party, they will not be throwing people through walls or razing the battlefield at those levels.

I remember writing the first set of 25 and how much fun it was. I am quite looking forward to getting started with this again.

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  1. I’m polishing up the first one today and sending it over. Did we pick a date when we were re-starting this?

  2. Can you also stat them out to D&D 5e? That’s not a request, just a question. I was just wondering about the legal issues. Is it the same as the rules for ICE stuff: you can refer to chapter and verse, but not give the actual quotes/stats themselves (if you follow my metaphor)?

    1. With ICE we can point people to book and page. Which is fine by me because I want people to buy Rolemaster.

      If the monster is covered by the 5e SRD we can use it. Or alternatively, if it comes from something like the Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasures, as long as we give credit where credit is due. We would also use the C&C 3rd PArty badges and logos alongside anything we do for Rolemaster and Egdcltd’s Azukail Games branding.

  3. I hope not, I haven’t written anything yet! I think I can be good to go within a week so I can go when you want.

  4. Should have The Tower of the Elephant done this weekend. That means….I actually completed the last 50 in 50!!! Plus I have my second adventure hood done for 50n50 II.

    1. That is brilliant.

      It does actually sound like you finished the first adventure in the second season before you finished the last adventure in the first season.

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