RMU Spell Law

Spell Law is, in my opinion the best and most polished of all the Unified Rolemaster (RMU) books released so far.

Rolemaster Unified Spell Law
Rolemaster Unified Spell Law

So far I cannot find anything I don’t like about this text. Every version of spell law has a section on how to handle conflicting spells or particular effects and this section in the RMU Spell Law is the best so far. The rules on spell research are slightly changed but make it easier for the player to do. The research times are slightly shorter but spell casters can now collaborate.

One of the things I hated about the RM2 Spell Law was when you would look up a spell description and it would tell you to consult a different list for the same spell. It defeated the whole point of printing off lists to give to players so they could plan their actions. This flaw disappeared in the RMC Spell Law and has held true in this version.

The spell lists themselves now have a spell for every level. In previous versions there were often empty slots if there was no appropriate spell for that level. Not any more. WE get the nice one list per page layout that I like. It makes for a big fat book but from a character maintenance point of view it works well.

A nice bonus is that ow that there are more spells on every list is that I am starting to introduce RMU spells into my RMC game. If I see a spell I like then I am allowing both PCs and NPCs to research the RMU version of the spell (or entirely new RMU spell). We also get entirely new spell lists which is cool.

In the previous Spell Laws there were almost no overtly offensive spells beyond shockbolt on the open and closed lists. These were reserved for the professional base lists. Now you can find them on the Closed lists which makes them much more widely available.

Now there is one bugbear in this book and that is to do with illusions. For some bizarre reason they have decided that the weigth that an illusion can support is based upon the bodyweight of the caster. So an obese low level illusionist could create a illusionary bridge that the entire party can escape across but a halfling illusionist 50 times his level could not. Why?

This is a simple thing to red line through and the entire book should not be judged by this one moment of sillyness but it is slightly annoying. Apart from that, this must be the strongest of the RMU books so far.


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