RPGaDay2018 Day 27: Share a great stream or actual play

I cannot answer this one. I have never watched a stream of a RPG and I have only watched 5 minutes of an actual play on youtube. You know that feeling where you think that is 5 minutes of my life I will never get back.

I kind of feel that watching other people role play should be a way of getting ideas, hints, tips and inspiration but the reality for me it feels like the square peg and round hole. I sat there and thought ‘my group wouldn’t act like that’ or ‘my players wouldn’t go for that’. I think we maybe are too set in our ways.

If I had time to sit there and watch a live steam of other people role playing I would rather spend that time doing something more productive or actually role playing myself.

I suppose the whole issue of streams and actual plays is the same as with TV in general. I don’t watch TV as it feels too passive and the very thought of watching someone else role play but not having a character in the game is simply too passive for me. I would need to be doing something.

So it is a case of haven’t done, don’t want to do, can’t see the point.

Hmm, that is unusually negative for me isn’t it?

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