RPGaDay2018 Day23: Which Game Do You Hope to Play Again?

There are two games I have not played for years now but would jump at the chance to play again. The first is not strictly an RPG but we role played it anyway and that is Car Wars and the second is Champions, now known as Hero System.

Funnily enough I noticed on the forums Hero System got mentioned again recently in one of the Shadow World threads so it is nice to see that it is still hanging on. There are more Champions games on rpol.net than there are Rolemaster so the game does have a following still.

In fact just thinking about champions makes me want to play even more!  I cannot actually remember what version we played, it must have been 1985 or maybe 1986 we were really into Supers role playing.

There would also be the dilemma of do I buy into Champions or Hero System? It looks like Hero System is the one being updated the most frequently but although the basic rules are just $15 the complete game is $50 which if I probably will never get to play is a bit of a waste. Champions complete is just $20 and is almost worth it just for the nostalgia factor.

I think CarWars is available as a free PDF direct from Steve Jackson. What you don’t get is the millions of counters you need to play the game. I have this somewhere and I printed it all out. It actually prints out in that stupidly tiny page size of the original plastic box. I then had to print and cut out the turning key as that was essential kit as well.

There is much more chance of me running CarWars from my group as an board game substitute than as an RPG. The only thing stopping me is that there are so many alpha males in our group that any sort of death match arena is going to end up with some very disgruntled people. (I love the word disgruntled. It is one of those negatives for which there is no positive version. There are many days when I am sure I am entirely gruntled, if only that was an option!)

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  1. SJG has just released a whole bunch of Car Wars PDFs on RPGNow. I think there may be an uptick in the game’s popularity as a result.

      1. Indeed! I’m not sure why I keep getting logged out so much. It’s probably my fault; maybe I’ve messed with the settings.

    1. When I was at school there were two distinct camps. One went from D&D to Traveller/runequest and eventually to Rolemaster. The other went from D&D to Warhammer and GURPs and the two groups never really mixed. Consequently I have never played Warhammer in any incarnation.

      1. Warhammer FRP had some really interesting mechanics, especially in the career/profession area. At least the Games Workshop edition did. I haven’t seen later editions and can’t confirm they work the same way.

  2. I would love love love to play WH40K. I’ve only been able to watch it live a couple of times. Games Workshops is not big in the USA yet, but it’s growing. Consequently, getting the start kit in the US was cost prohibitive. Add to that, you needed two people to play, meaning two people had to pay $300 each to be able to play WH40K.

    Now times have changed. GW has production in the US and costs are now more reasonable and I’m seeing GW displays in a lot of shops. I have most of the computer versions of the games and I have shelves of the WH40K universe novels and I’m in love with the universe.

    In keeping with the topic though, the game that I would love to play AGAIN, is GURPS-Supers. The PC creation was fast and simple, The dice mechanic was simple. The options and abilities of the supers was so creative and fun. I also played GURPS Toons and had fun, but Supers really appealed to me.

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