Simple Fantasy Adventures

Take a look at the post below from Stargazer’s World. SFA is a retro clone of Lord of the Rings, which was a simplified MERP which was a simplified RM.

I don’t see SFA as a direct threat to RMu. It is an 18 page free pdf game. The biggest threat is that these games, like vsDarkmaster as well, take away every unique selling point that RMu has. Criticals are commonplace now, detailed d100 systems are not uncommon thanks to ‘powered by Zweihander.

The last thing that RMu has is in targeting experienced GMs by being too complex for beginners. Not the best selling point possibly.

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  1. What about HERO Kids as a simplified system with creator-driven content? Now it doesn’t have a full array of fantasy races to play but tweaking the class sets is simple to do. Not very D100 or real but if you want simple…..

    1. I was thinking more along the lines that this is the second legitimate game to mine Rolemaster/MERP for inspiration. There was also a ham fisted Spacemaster rip off.
      If this becomes more common what is left?

  2. On first look SFA is a condensed version of MEAG (Middle Earth Adventure Game) rules with DnD-ified equipment/economy.

    i played/gmed MEAG only on a number of oneshots, but never considered it for anything more, because of its lack on resources and monsters and i wasnt the DIY guy at that time.

    Yet i have to discover how compatible SFA/MEAG is to other 2d6 systems.

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