The Knitting Circle of Whispering Valley

I did NOT write this one!

As a ‘drop in’ bit of added texture to a campaign the knitting circle are a great addition. Brian is certainly stronger in the locations and campaign centric 50in50 ideas.

The Knitting Circle is an organised group of women who operate behind the scenes in the communities of Whispering Valley. They are the true power in the region and have various magical powers, providing healing and defence of the locals. These are normal women, not a secretive coven of witches, but ones with magic who subtly affect the area.

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  1. OK, I’m just being a rat-b-tard here, so just smile and nod approvingly. LOL

    Are they normal women, or are they magical women?
    Are they publically known or do they operate behind the scenes?

    OK, cheekiness has ended, you may go about your day.

    …. and I’m probably going to have to buy this module as well. Won’t my wife be happy. LOL

  2. Spectre:

    This one is just ok and pretty basic. If I had time I would have expanded it quite a bit. The goal was to subvert the normal tropes of standard maternalistic powerful women: usually older “wise women” or powerful enchantresses or old crone witches. I used this in my campaign and it took the PC’s about 12 visits to the area to get a clue that there was a subtle power at play protecting the community. What type of magic: I used a group/ritual form so they didn’t have to be high level casters.

    1. I was just being a wise-guy with the way Peter wrote the description. It’s definitely an idea I want to add to my campaign and I’ll end up buying it when the next collection of 50 in 50 is released.

      1. Well normally the weird titles are my fault but I am innocent this time. Possibly a bad influence but not directly to blame for any knitting.

        1. I had a tendency to write this as The Whispering Circle of Knitting Valley. Which is a really odd title.

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