The Women of Melos

Continuing my expansion on the Melos peninsular I though I would introduce some more personalities. This time three stand out women you may bump into.

Dotty Treath, Fisherwoman

Dotty Treath is one of the few fisherwomen as oposed to the many fishermen. Years ago her husband was injured in an accident and could not go to sea just as the pilchard shoals were spotted. If their boat did not sail then the Treaths would probably starve over the coming winter. Rather than face the hardship Dotty went down to the water and spoke to a Morimanus basking in the shallows. She explained their problem and the Morimanus offered to guide and help Dotty take their fishing boat out. That they did and Doty brought in enough of a catch to see them through the winter. Dotty’s husband though lost one of his legs and most of the use of the other and never recovered fully from the accident. He taught his wife everything I could about handling the boat and about the fishing gear and from that day on Dotty was a fixture of the Melos fishing fleet. Now there are several young women who have fishing boats and some fishermen have daughters as part of their crew, all because of the example set by Dotty.

Megan Zeelah

Megan does not live in Melos but in the next coastal village on called ‘Man’s head’ after a rock outcrop that has a passing resemblence to a mans head in profile. Man’s head has a population of only 120 people. The cliffs that make up the coast dip down to sea level here and the village is built only a hundred yards behind a sandy beach fringed with grassey dunes. Their principle trade is boat building because of the ease of running boats up out of the water and of launching new vessels. The principle designer of boats is Megan Zeelah. Megan is about 30 years old, tall, upright with flame read hair, clear complexion, broat hips and shoulders and a mind as fast as any on the peninsular. She also has the temper to match it. If you commission a vessel from Megan then you get what she designs for you and she doesn’t want your input or suggestions. They are always outstanding boats and always fit for purpose but not always what the customer had in mind.

Demelza Wrong

Demelza ran away from home as a child, when she was dragged back to town she ran away again, abused any and every person put in charge of her care until no one wanted anything to do with her. That was fifteen years ago and now as a woman in her early twenties she had returned. Unusually she is normally clad in chain mail and carries a broadsword and round shield. She is evasive about where she has been but it is common knowedge that she has been ‘over the sea’. Some say she has been seen to do magic such as lighting a fire from wet wood and without flint or kindling. Other rumours say she came back to take revenge on someone who wronged her as a child only to find that they had already died. Whatever the truth Demelza turns up unannounced when there is danger facing any village be it from raiders or giants, she fights and then leaves. She has spurned all the advances from local young men and there have been many. It is almost a sport among the local lads to see which of them can take Demelza as a wife.

Demelza has taken down more giants than anyone else in the region. If she joins a defence against a giant family she is always welcome but the rest of the time the elders of the villages almost see her as a dark omen and someone to be shunned. She rarely enters villages out of choice but there are occaisions when she needs supplies, repairs or such and she will visit a village. When she does she stays for the shortest possible time and speaks to the fewest possible people. She will pass long hours in the tavern where she stays sober but listens to news. She has no money but has done enough many times over to earn free beer and food at every village.

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