Upcoming RMU play test

I have so far unable to play test RMU because I have not had any players up for it or enough time to actually run yet another game.

This coming week I get to run a short one or two session ‘one shot adventure’. One player completely new to Rolemaster although not to role playing.

We have been sending emails and texts back and forth so I have a good idea about what his character is going to be like and the setting for this little play test is going to be an oriental adventure so there will be lots of martial punches and kicks flying about!

I haven’t really looked at at RMU for possibly 12 months now and I know that many of the tables have been replaced and I will need to print them off or more likely create a supplimental PDF of the new tables.

On the plus side I have not been able to participate in the RMU Beta forum threads as you cannot beta test a game you are not playing. I will be sharing my play testing experience although I am not sure at this late stage I will be able to add much. I am sure most things have been covered to death by now.

I am a little apprehensive about what I will find. When I initially looked at RMU there was a lot I liked and a couple of things I really didn’t get. I understand it has changed somewhat since then.

I have no experience of action point systems for combat round management but it appears that each one is on a par with 25% of your activity and if that is how it pans out then I can cope with that.

I will let you all know how it goes within the limits of the NDA agreement that we all agreed to when we downloaded the Beta rulebooks.

Wish me luck!

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