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So I needed to take a small break from my 2000 word blog posts, so I thought I would write some quick thoughts on campaign endings.

As a GM it’s important that a campaign, or extended adventure series end satisfactorily. From a design standpoint, some of that can be charted through a multiple act structure, but the open ended nature of gaming (and RM dice!) means that things can go astray. It can be frustrating to have the final act end with the players feeling dissatisfied, the conclusion anti-climactic or the challenge easily met.

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For a long time, The World of Vog Mur was never my favorite Loremaster book (although still better than Shade of the Sinking Plain)! I recall talking with John Ruemmler on the phone back in 1988 or so and mentioned my “lack of enthusiasm” for Vog Mur. There was a long, awkward pause, and John said “I was the author for that….”. Oops, foot in mouth! Over time, though, I’ve grown to appreciate it–sort of the “Empire Strikes Back” effect. It’s a bit awkward but charming in it’s mixture of Rolemaster, Middle Earth elements and basic D&D. And there are great ideas and layouts that makes using the module as a drop-in side adventure easy. Shipwreck the players?

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I have been thinking about character wealth. Really this span out of the discussion about Fate points and Inspiration.  As I said I don’t use any kind of fate system. I don’t need one as my party was sponsored by a powerful priest in the early days and the PC cleric is fast approaching the point where he can cast Life Keeping, buying enough time to effect any repairs and stave off death. If the PCs can dodge death then fate points do dodge death only devalue the role played by the cleric.

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Last week was an über week for us.

buy qualitest phentermineFirst up we have The Inn of Dusk. This is the latest 50 in 50 adventure  hook and the 17th so far.

The Inn of Dusk is an inn that has been haphazardly extended over the years. It is the focal point of the local community and sits near an old and now rarely used trade route. The Inn has a secret and is far more dangerous to visit than might be though; quite what the hazard is can be chosen by the GM from a list suggested for different power levels.

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In a buy phentermine imprint e5000 I reviewed some of the earliest ICE ads that were featured in the Dragon Magazine. Iron Crown’s two very first products were buy phentermine vs ephedrine, a drop in combat module for use in other game systems, and buy phentermine in egypt, an expansive “generic” fantasy setting.

Later, ICE would formalize their modules into the Loremaster Series which would then morph into Shadow World.  The Loremaster series consistested of 4 modules: The Iron Wind, The World of Vog Mur, The Cloudlords of Tanara and the Shade of the Sinking Plain. Two additional modules were advertised but never published: “buy phentermine in england

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One of the more dense and information rich sections of the Shadow World Master Atlas is the timeline. By the 3rd Edition of the Master Atlas, the timeline has reached 25 pages and would be much longer if it incorporated all the local and regional timeline material found in other SW books. Plus, the timeline is growing: since the original release of the SW Master Atlas Boxed set I believe the timeline has increased by at least 9-10 years (6045 to 6054 TE).

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I do not often review a completely unrelated to RM game but I thought I would break with tradition.

You and your partner have been fighting for hours. You are at the point where the intensity has started to drop and you’re not sure why the fight started in the first place. Most of the fight was just rehashing old arguments that you still can’t resolve. You are exhausted and you are at the point of not remembering why you want to be in a relationship with your partner. Inevitably your argument turns into an “I remember when” conversation.

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This is a purely theoretical post for me as I am not a fate point user.

So the basic idea of fate points is that each character starts with a few fate points. You can spend a fate point to try and avoid a fatal wound by re-rolling a critical. You can earn fate points by extremely good role playing or by forcing the end of level boss to spend a fate point to save himself from you.

So spending a fate point is a big issue and gaining a fate point is a big issue.

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This week’s 50 in 50 adventure hook is Mating Season. I wrote this one so obviously it is brilliant.

We wrote these adventures as a block many months ago now and to be honest when I saw the email saying that Mating Season has been published I didn’t actually remember writing it. I downloaded and expected to see one of Brian Hanson’s adventures.

Most of my adventures has slightly silly, or hopefully witty, titles so I should have guessed that this was one of mine! If you like to give your monsters a bit more background then you could well enjoy this one.

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I read this yesterday and I know that my own group of players could certainly do well to learn this bit of advice…

Investigative scenarios often bog down into speculative debate between players about what could be happening. Many things can be happening, but only one thing is. If more than one possible explanation ties together the clues you have so far, you need more clues.

Whenever you get stuck, get out and gather more information.

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