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This week’s 50 in 50 adventure hook is The Warehouse Heist.
where to buy phentermine yahooIn The Warehouse Heist, the characters have been hired to recover a small item from a dockside warehouse. The item is hidden and the employer wants it removing before the shipment is inspected. However, the characters are not the only people looking to recover the item before it is found, and they may end up in a rooftop chase.

This is one of my favourites so far. The adventure has so many possibilities relating to what the item is, who else is after it, who hired the PCs and so on.

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I thought I would stir things up a bit and do a quick blog on what I consider the most problematic spell lists found in the early version of Spell Law. I’m going to refer back to Spell Law #1200 which is the punched up version of Spell Law from RM2. Now that I am fiddling with a 4th iteration of BASiL I had a chance to review my original notes and comments.

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On Sunday I found myself with an hour and a half to kill but also tied to the house so I decided to watch buy phentermine 15 mg capsules on Netflix. My first impression of the first five minutes was that they had the the depiction of the Pictish warriors/savages down perfectly. At that point things looked promising.

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buy phentermine with online prescriptionSo, you may have heard that in the past week or so that Paizo has just announced the buy phentermine walmart, with an aim to publish the new edition in 2019.

I admit I’m not that clued up on all the details but I have been reading what others have posted who seem to have rather more of an understanding on what is happening.

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The title of this post should be spoken using the voice of the Count from Sesame Street.

There was no publication round up last week as I was en route from Norway to home and faffing about trying to embed links and what-not using just my phone was just too painful. As a result we have two adventure hooks to tell you about. The first is…

The Empty Village

buy phentermine rxIn buy real phentermine 37.5 online, characters come across a prosperous farming village, but one without any inhabitants, life or livestock. The village is utterly deserted and it seems the inhabitants disappeared without notice or expectation. Who could be responsible? That is up to the GM, but suggestions are provided.

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Welcome to my third review of the Loremaster Series; today we are going to explore what is possibly the most well known or popular of ICE modules: The Cloudlords of Tanara. Over the years there have been other reviews (see some links at the end) and Cloudlords has been treated to the Terry Amthor rewrite, but I’m going to focus on the original version and review it in the context of the Loremaster series and how it might have impacted the later Shadow World series.

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I have just been away in Norway learning to ski. I have returned, unbroken but in need of a rest which is a sign of a good holiday.

I had never skied before and the only other ice related thing I had ever done before was ice skating, which I do not enjoy and I am pretty terrible at. Those two factors are not unrelated in my opinion.

So as a complete newbie I enrolled in Ski School. After 1.5hrs I could start, stop, steer left and right, moderating my speed using the plough and use a ‘button lift’.

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There has been some discussion in the forum and in the blog of the RMU 101+ success rate vs. the RM(#) 111+ success rate. I always liked the idea of having absolute success being more difficult to attain, i.e.: 111+ and here are some reasons why.

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Recently during a game session, we had a bit of a dispute over what weapons and armor a player might have had on them while in a city. Even in a lengthy campaign, many of my RPG experiences have defaulted to the idea that players have just 1 “kit”–basically the clothes, armor, weapons and gear that are listed on their equipment sheet. As “murder hobos” they don’t have a home, wardrobe or a lot of possessions beyond gear and wealth. Therefore, the players are always in their adventure gear; fully kitted out, armed and armored.

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I absolutely detest D&D style wandering monster encounters. Take the title example, the problems with 2d8 zombies are almost too many to list, where did the zombies come from, who made them, why are they there? Even the 2d8 bit irks me. Against a party of PCs 2 zombies is quite possibly a bit of a non-event. 16 zombies could quite possibly be a potential TPK.

What is the point of the encounter?

If it is resource attrition, to grind the party down before they reach the end of level boss then shouldn’t it be part of the primary adventure notes? Wandering monsters or random encounters are normally in addition to the set locations and encounters.

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