Gathering My Forces

I am coming up to speed with the second wave of 50in50 adventures. I really wanted to do something Robin Hood and/or Arthurian in nature but the subject matter demands more than the short format adventure allows. It could well be a future project, but now is not the time. Last week I spent a

Memorial Day Weekend Musings

For those of you that are enjoying a holiday and long weekend despite the pandemic and social distancing, we wish you the best in these trying times! Due to the out of service status of the Rolemaster Forums, ICE is a bit of a “black box” right now, but nonetheless things still seem to be

Further Adventures

It was sad news this week, that GenCon has been cancelled. I saw someone on Discord (Marc maybe?) saying that it should be pushed back to October rather than cancelled but that isn’t so easy. These convention halls do not lie empty all year. Every week there is someone running something, and right now I