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6 thoughts on “Gender in RMU”

  1. There’s quite a bit of discussion and research on this, but it would be interesting in getting some thoughts on this from the original RM team and the RMU team. I hate to oversimplify but I have to wonder how much oversexualized artwork set the tone in original DnD and rpg’s in general.

    Recently there was an article on WoTC moving away from this type of gender representation. I asked Terry about his tackling of women and sexuality issues in Shadow World–he uses strong women as well as gay/lesbian people & cultures in his work.

    I think MERP probably represented women better given the art style of Middle Earth. I can’t recall any memorable female artwork from the original RM but it seems the later RMSS etc reverted to the cartoon/hyper style we are discussing.

    A few blogs/articles:

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  2. It should be relatively easy to change some of the ‘he’s to ‘she’s. Once you do that, the examples should even out in regards to women’s agency.

    I do think that sometimes artists are in a bit of a catch-22 when depicting female characters. Many (primarily adolescent male) players are attracted to chainmail bikinis, and might be more likely to buy books with them on the cover, even though the bikinis themselves are not just unrealistic but cheesy too, and might dissuade potential female players. But if you as an artist cut out the chainmail bikinis, your editors/marketers might say, ‘Where’s the unit-shifting portrait of the buxom amazon? We have to sell this to teenage boys, you know.’

    I very much like the McBride covers of the redband version of RM2, but note how the female character, while not wearing a chainmail bikini, does seem to get her skirt hiked up a little too easily.

    I appreciate the art in MERP overall, though there may be some chainmail bikinis in there somewhere.

  3. I wasn’t impressed with the examples overall, not just the gender profile of them.

    I think my player breakdown has over the years averaged about 40% female, but that might be because of the nature of the games I run. Most are in non-fantasy settings, and for some reason I’ve had an easier time attracting female players because of that.

      1. I tend to prefer somewhat long examples placed in a solid game context. They should to me also have a decent narrative so people can get what they need while still enjoying the reading. I tried to hit this in Sea Law, although perhaps with mixed success. Important spots for good examples are (to me) character creation from start to finish, at least one complete combat round with as many actions as possible, and examples of different ways GMs might choose to conduct similar actions.

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