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17 thoughts on “How many skill rolls?

  1. Maybe some good rules for RM that work for a variety of transports and movement rates: horses, boats, vehicles and sky ships?

    We could call it: “Original Rules Generating Actual Simulated Movement System”

    Or shorten it with an acronym….

          1. I was thinking more along the lines of abandoning the flurry of blows mechanic and making a case for much shorter combat rounds.

            The first is easy and I don’t think makes any difference in play.

            The other has loads of implications if a simple bleeding 1 hit per round goes from 6 per minute to thirty or sixty per minute.

            1. I’ve never been a fan of the flurry of blows stuff, especially since missile combat is discrete. And if you’re adding in firearms, the combat round HAS to be shorter if you want any sort of reasonable realism.

              That said, many games have different scales for their rounds, something RM never really got into but could easily. My draft modern stuff has two different time scales, and that’s an easy mechanic to reproduce.

          2. Of course there are. The old James Bond RPG had a very elegant chase system that would work well with RM honestly. Both games were skill roll driven, although the JBRPG went about it in a slightly different way. I’m blending some of its ideas into the system I’m doing for modern stuff when it comes to car chases. You’re always going to have slightly different mechanics based on tech levels (mainly vehicle speed), but I think that can be managed with different time scales (which is not at all uncommon in many RPGs).

  2. I’m not sure why the riding rules outlined above would wreck the RMU action economy; I think they could work together.

    That said, I don’t see any reason why the flurry of blows could be jettisoned and the round length reduced. It might even be cleaner to have a 4-second round in you have 4 AP/round; then each AP would be about 1 second. A quick attack (2 AP) would be about 2 seconds.

    1. Flurry of blows is, in my view, broken and has been for some time. I remain unconvinced APs work well in many situations, but that’s another thing. Suffice it to say I don’t plan on using them in my modern stuff, and the conversion rules I’ve got come with a very strong ‘your game will suffer’ disclaimer on them.

    2. The issue as I see it with APs are similar to the problems have seen with fast moving combatants on foot. When the actual location or even the tactical situation is not known with any certainty then allocating your AP budget becomes more difficult.

      As an aside, I thought that the Devs wanted to keep a separation between AP and specific lengths of time. You can perform a 4AP attack in the first second of the round if you are ready and waiting.

      If you explicitly say that 1ap=1second then you may as well scrap APs completely as everyone knows what a second is but they will need paragraphs or rules and examples to explain what an AP is and how to spend them when they are essentially the same thing.

      1. I think combatants will know the tactical situation quite well if you count down 1 AP at a time. Also, we don’t use declarations at all, so no one has to allocate his whole AP budget at the beginning of a round; so that isn’t really a problem for us.

        The devs have acknowledged that an AP is a ‘rough’ measure of time. As for performing a held, 4 AP attack in a single action phase, I think the thinking there is that the attack is already ‘readied’ (arm cocked, aim made) and so in a way the work to do the action has already been performed. I personally think that might cause problems, and would prefer to see that as only a maximum of a 2 AP attack (because cocking your arm isn’t quite the same as spending 5 seconds attacking someone) with bonuses for surprise if the opponent wasn’t en garde.

        I agree though that it would be better to have an equal number of AP and seconds in a round (say 4), so that we wouldn’t have to talk about AP at all and could just talk about seconds worth of action. Having an AP be 1.25 seconds rather than a round 1 is not ideal.

        1. What about lowering a lance as a held action from the previous round? There is no concept of a flurry of blows in that situation. Presumably the second round would be a single riding roll and then crash the two combatants meet. under RMU you get the 4AP attack held over from the previous round.

          1. That is exactly why I think it is better to see a charge as a 1 AP attack that benefits from momentum, rather than what it currently is in RMU (namely, a 4 AP attack that is kind of held and can be delivered all at once).

            So I agree completely that the idea of holding a 4 AP attack to deliver it all at once is problematic. It would be far better to allow 1 AP attacks and give them the benefits of momentum (for charges); or a flatfooted or flanked opponent (for when characters try to move past each other without being careful); or a surprised opponent (for when you are holding an attack for anyone coming through the door, and an orc comes in without knowing you are there).

  3. So how fast does a sky ship move? Are there fast and nimble sky skiffs?

    If they are slow and cumbersome things like sea going sailing ships then the movement becomes more of a backdrop to the players actions. Even a simple change in the set of the sails could take longer than half the melee combats I have played through.

    In that case I don’t think specific rules are needed. There are probably rules for ship to ship combat in Sea Law.

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