1st Adventure Idea pt 2

I want to use JDales NPC generator to create all the NPCs for this adventure. If you have not seen this already it gives output like this.

The nice thing is that it will do down to 0th level.

The above NPC will just be one of the pirates on the ship. If the characters are 1st or 2nd level then 0th and 1st level pirates should be a fair challenge.

I would like to include a variety of NPCs, such as a scholar as the ship’s quartermaster, thieves as basic pirates, and laborers as deck hands.

Then add in a couple of named NPCs as the captain and first mate.

However the players decide to approach this, the GM should be able to pick out some suitable NPC stats.

I have one really minor sticking point. If you look at the example above, that 1st level laborer is a child of 11. This is because Core Law ties level to age. What I want is low level threats, not a kindergarten pop-up pirate ship.

This is not a suitable Rolemaster villain.

The solution is simple, I just write my own descriptions. The players should never know the villains level or stats.

What I want is a fun and interesting first experience of Rolemaster. I also want the player characters to win. It would be a really crappy session if you died before you have even finished creating your character. This is Rolemaster not Traveler!

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4 Replies to “1st Adventure Idea pt 2”

  1. Your example points out one of the things I was always against in RMU: the hard linkage of level to character age. To me it just points out one of the “broken” aspects of the system, and renders it pretty useless for anything other than fantasy IF you actually want to start at first level. And having to start higher, again, just seems to me to point out a broken mechanic.

    But I digress. Seems like a workable idea for a starting adventure and a balanced scheme of opponents. You might want to consider something that prevents the ship from ever sailing or leaving port, though…I could see something in the way of unintended consequences if they get away from the dock and the player who didn’t bother to learn Swimming has their character thrown overboard… It’s easier to recover from that if they’re still dockside.

    1. swapping out the ship for a warehouse in the docks will fix the swimming problem.

      the level vs age linkage is still a problem tbo.

      1. I don’t think I need to swap out the water. At that kind of level I can describe the dock as having ropes hanging from the quay, and buoys floating in the water. I then make it a Routine swimming MM to get to something that floats. It will teach the importance of having some of these skills, and it is another hazard for the players to plan for and overcome. The players will not know the swimming rolls will be Routine before they hit the water.

        As a final backup, I can have an NPC dive in and pull someone out if I absolutely have to.

  2. The typical age by level suggestion doesn’t really work. RMU doesn’t limit maximum temporary statistics by level, so your 11 year old pirate could have 100 strength! (93 seems pretty unlikely for an 11 year old too).

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