A few random perhaps unpublished tidbits with Terry.

I’ve been reviewing my conversations with Terry Amthor as part of my interview and found a few pieces of unpublished items. None of them are inappropriate, but don’t seem relevant. Now however, I appreciate every interaction I had with him! Without editing or commentary I would offer the following, although it was only a few excerpts….

Hi Matt, 

(Answers below, but first a question: is this mainly about SW or me and ICE in general? I’m answering below assuming the latter.)

Terry, this is fantastic!  First, this is Brian, (Matt is my younger brother.)  My intent is more a focus on you and your journey, creative process and perception of the industry rather than ICE itself.

Oops, sorry Brian, I knew it was you, but for some reason typed Matt! 

Non Published Side Bar  (And oh yes the Court of Ardor. I once sold one of my few copies on Ebay for $425! I think later on that Pete was less than thrilled about it, because it was not very ‘Middle-earth.’ He once referred to it in an interview as a ‘Rogue module.’ It’s a real pity that his campaign in eastern Middle-earth will never be published. It wasn’t all that ‘Middle-earth’ either, but it was fantastic and so imaginative. And oh, yes, ‘Spy in Isengard!’ The story of our ‘choose your own adventure books at ICE was a tragedy that almost banrkrupted us, because our licensor got in a fight with the Tolkien estate over whether they were ‘books’ or ‘games’)

(fyi. The Parking Lot Movie is a documentary about the Corner Parking Lot in Charlottesville. I think it’s available on netflix DVD)

Really! Well, I have been familiar with parking on the Corner since 1976… sounds interesting!

It’s not much, I wanted to include almost everything Terry had to say. The take away, is that everyone confuses Matt and I, and Charlottesville is a great place (I’ve been visiting there since 1987 and wandered into Pete and Terry’s office!!!

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