Navigator RPG

So I have been thinking about my Spacemaster idea from last week. There are a few threads I want to pull together today. Cepheus vs Whitebox There are two potential ‘original sources’. The first, as pointed out by Egdcltd was Cepheus. This is basically Traveller with the serial numbers filed off. So the core mechanic

This week I am reading…

Sagas of Midgard! Sagas of Midgard is another d100 system. They [Drinking Horn Games] refer to it as a Roll Over system. The core mechanic is nice and simple. The GM sets the target number taking into account any difficulty factors and the players roll the dice and add any bonuses they can muster. Roll

Using the ‘wrong’ skill

I was writing an adventure the other night and one of the challenges requires some combination of navigation, survival, region law, tracking or at the very least general perception. The characters have an option of paddling up a jungle river with its inherent risks of crocodiles, water snakes and possibly hippopotami. The could of course