A Knightly Encounter

This weeks publication round up brings you the 25th instalment of our 50 in 50, so exactly half way. I will also highlight A Baker’s Dozen of Pieces of Lore by Neal Litherland.

A Knightly Encounter

In A Knightly Encounter, the characters will be halted in their travels by a group of knights who will pick a fight no matter what. There are a number of different reasons provided as to why they might fight and there are five knights in total, each of whom is described. The encounter pits characters against a dangerous d100 foe.


<oh how I wish we could write Rolemaster NPCs in place of d100 foe!>

A Baker’s Dozen of Pieces of Lore

This is a collection of thirteen different histories, legends and myths that can be used to add colour to a campaign. They describe people, places, items and events. They can be used as possible adventure and encounter hooks or simply to make a world seem more alive. The pieces of lore are not tied to any specific setting so they can be easily dropped into the majority of fantasy campaigns.

I picked out A Baker’s Dozen because this is one of Azukail’s supplements created using freelance writers. I was thinking along the lines of Azukail is Rolemaster-Friendly + Azukail has a growing stable of freelancer writers, therefore if we ever get a license from ICE then RolemasterBlog + Azukail is an increasingly strong proposition for writing supplements.

And talking of supplements…

I am realy busy this week, next weekend I have my face to face RMC gaming weekend (this is the game being run using RMC RAW). I get back on Sunday and then Monday morning I am going on a weeks riding holiday. Once that is over I have the fanzine to put together.

Once all of that is out of the way the very next thing on my ToDo list is the Nomikos Library. I have some technicalities like installing databases and configuring a new wordpress installation but I hope to have something ready to show and tell by the beginning of May.

Watch this space, as the cliche goes.

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  1. Yes, half way!

    Sadly, I don’t think ICE has any interest in licensees any longer. I think they have something that is working for them, and don’t feel the need for new licensees. Although existing ones seem okay (which is pretty much Final Redoubt Press and Arion Games, neither of which is terribly active for RM – Arion has got other things in the pan, such as paper miniature and Advanced Fighting Fantasy).

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