A mixed bag of thoughts

I am still trying to come to a happy solution about the Aioskoru wiki. The problem is not the content but the navigation and guaranteeing the continuity with the other sources.

For the time being as and when I have time over the next few weeks I will transpose everythng from the google site to the wiki.

I am still working on Melos for that game world as well.

I also need to write up 5 taverns in graphic detail for a group of friends. This weekend i think I contributed about 12 words in total so I am not really pulling my weight there!

Over on the ICE Forums Beta 2 still rumbles on but it strikes me that very little play testing is actually happening. It is mostly the same old voices grumling about their personal gripes. This does not help pick up flaws in the system.

I have not managed to actually play test the rules myself so I cannot criticise anyone else for not doing what I didn’t do. I have introduced as much of the RMU rules into my RMC game as I could fit and what I have noticed is that they have improved the game. These include RMU experience, the vocational skill, rapid skill development and Skills as Lore.

the promblem facing me at the moment is that I am already stretched for time and I want to run a HARP game and a RMU Beta game and I cannot see where I am going to fit it in.

I think that Beta 3 is needed or at least an update to Beta 2 to reflect the changes that have been announced so far. If we had that update then the motivation to start a test group would be strong. If we had that it would pay me to go back over the rules and see how much more could I inject into the current game to test. My PBP group are all still first level and it would be worth suggesting converting the characters over to the new rules. That would kill two birds with one stone of getting a play test group going and not increasing the demands on my time.

All of my Aioskoru content is made available under the Open Gaming License.

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  1. As for RMU, I disbanded my group in October. With all the talks of combat changes by the developers pursuing further didn’t seem feasible. They only asked for feedback on a few issues, so I’m sure most of the other content will stay the same.

    Aioskoru has been part something fun and part learning new skills. Trying to figure out how a blank world might be has been fun, mixing with feedback and suggestions.

    Melos sounds fun so far, from how you have described the giants, merfolk, fishers, and settlements. And that peninsula with a petrified forest in the water would be cool as well.

    1. I agree with your thoughts on RMU. I am now waiting for Beta 3 to see how the changes are implimented.

      I will write up more on Melos and submit it soon.

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