Another Game Session comes around!

A week on Friday and I will be off for one of our long weekends of gaming. Interestingly the way things were left at the end of the last session the characters had not actually finished they job they were hired for but events had moved on and because of their actions the powers that be have had to change their plans.

The party had pretty much cracked open a Drow stronghold, rescued the enslaved dwarves and killed almost every drow they found barring the one that fled using magic.

Some of the party are talking about going back down into the underdark to finish the job. the rest of the party are happy to leave it to the authorities who can flood the place with soldiers with the inteligence the party have brought back. So as a GM I have no idea where the party are going next. There is still plenty of challenge if the party head into the underdark on their own but they are quite right a few dozen soldiers can do the job just as easily.

I cannot tell you what they are facing next because they could read it here first and that will sort of spoil the surprise somewhat.

Between the two is the nice fact that they are now local celebrities and heroes. They have rescued nearly 25 innocent victims and alerted the authorities to a threat they did not know was there. All in all it was a good weeks work by anyones standard. Amusingly the biggest threat to the party was themselves and some of their tactics had them fleeing in fear of themselves.  They also seem to be developing a habit of taking incredibly dangerous risks with their own safety and writing those risks off as being inconsquential.  One of them nearly drowned and had to be rescued by the one party member who was paying attention. The others just wandered off and started busying themselves with other tasks as they had reached an apparent dead end.

So, although what the parties options are and the adventure hooks that are available to them I don’t know what they are going to do next.

We shall see what happens!

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