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I wanted to raise a bit of awareness of Aioskoru. This is an Open Game Content project currently being developed on the ICE Forums. As you may or may not know RMU is a worldless system that you can adapt to fit most game worlds. What you get is a highly flexible system of races, character creation, creatures & monsters, treasure, combat and magic but all of it adaptable to any setting. What you don’t get is a default setting. That is where Aioskoru comes in.

The project has been started on the ICE forums and anyone can join in. Right now the solar system and planet is being detailed out and so are the natural resources. If you are in any way interested in RMU or Rolemaster then now is a chance to contribute something to a new game setting that could become the planet of choice for RMU.

The first Aioskoru world map
The first Aioskoru world map

Personally I have not contributed much. I am not good with planet sized projects. Give me a town or a vollage and I can design away to my hearts content but planets are just a bit too big to swallow. That is why I think massively collaborative projects work so well.

If you do only one thing Rolemasterish this week why not make a small contribution Aioskoru project?

There will be no blog post on Friday I suspect. I am travelling most of the morning and gaming most of the afternoon and evening and the entire weekend. There is a fair chance there will be nothing on Monday either if I am sleeping!

All of my Aioskoru content is made available under the Open Gaming License.

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