Blogging Shall Resume!

Back from a great trip to Iceland! Not sure if Peter feels the same way, but it gave me a great “Iron Wind” vibe and the landscape was certainly surreal and fantastic.

Lots going on to finalize the upcoming 50 in 50 adventure hooks and the 50th level adventures so I’ll be posting once or twice a week for the rest of the summer so I can focus on these other projects.

Now that I’m back I’ll be putting together the playtest packets for the 1st Chapter (of 5) of the 50th lvl adventure “Legends of Shadow World” preliminary titled “The Lense of Strok”. This will includes the mixed group of pre-gen characters, stats, layout and notes stat’ed for RM2 (plus some BASiL lists) for the 3/4 groups that have contacted me. I’m hoping 5 iterations will provide good feedback and ascertain an average 4 hour run time. Packets will be ready by end of month.


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