Catch Up Time

I have been away for a couple of weeks but I am back and it is time to catch up.

When you see that list you cannot help but think how great it would be if we could have created fully statted out adventure modules rather than just plot outlines, locations and hooks.

I still think it is an impressive list especially for our first concerted effort. So to the latest pair of adventures.

First up is Time Bandits of the Motley Faire.

The Time Bandits of the Motley Faire sees the characters come across a faire that provides entertainment, supposedly without the use of magic. However, a group of thieves are also with the faire, and these thieves are using temporal magic to carry off a series of heists for which they have not been caught.


Despite the ‘Time Bandits’ reference that adventure title is not my fault!

Next is The Claw!

The Claw is an odd item that can be found in a curiosity shop. A gruesome object, the owner of the shop would dearly like to be rid of it. For the claw keeps regrowing every night. If it isn’t kept on top of, eventually the severed limb will regenerate the entire body to which it was once attached.


Once upon a time I remember a D&D ‘trap’ that went along the lines of deep in some dungeon there was a ‘market stall’ selling frozen meat for the characters to buy. The trap element was that the meat was actually frozen troll meat and when the characters defrost the meat overnight the troll regenerates and they have a surprise encounter with a troll.

This whole concept seemed to sum up everything that was wrong with D&D in the 1980s. Why would there be a market stall in a dungeon, why would the characters buy rations from anyone who thought that this was a good place to sell food and so on. There is so much wrong with this that I don’t know where to start really.

The Claw is almost a cliche of the Edgar Allen Poe style horror story. It could be a fun distraction for the party but Albert Stepfoot and his gang of street kid informers could be a useful addition to any campaign as a way of introducing story hooks to the characters.

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  1. The Claw is also supplement number forty. That means next Saturday’s Curse of the Ancient Tomb is the first in the final ten hooks (it’s also got quite a few stats included in it – and a battlemap that is perhaps a little on the large side). That still means a couple of months or so, but 80% of the hooks are now published!

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