Crowd Sourced Adventure – Weapons and Goodies

As we’ve been working on our group project, I’ve been fleshing it out on paper.  Sometimes it helps the brain to organize things (as you get older).  As I’m filling out the creatures in different areas, I’m running into the possible weapon/armour combos the party will encounter.

The octopus *could* wield a weapon, particularly if it’s being controlled by a sentient will.

The guardhouse would certainly have weapons .

Certain non-corporeal undead could wield weapons.

Heroes and Rouges Companion (RM2) has one of my favorite treasures “Ghost Shirt.”  Paraphrasing: A wispy shadow that appears around the wearer’s torso, protects as AT 16 encumbers as AT4.  A non-corporeal undead could easily wear this item or BECOME this item once dispatched.

For the possible Executioner at the possible Gallows location in the courtyard we discussed, I’m thinking of a non-corporeal controlling the skeleton of the Executioner who is wielding an executioner’s sword or broderak.  The party will think they are fighting a skeleton, but are really fighting the non-corporeal.  (Just another little twist we throw in with the pseudo BBG in the castle/manor.)

The ‘ruler’ in the castle/manor should have a crown, perhaps a spell or PP adder.  A scepter or sword?


These are just ideas I’ve been thinking of as we’ve been working along.  Are these things we would wait to add?  Do we finish off the module details, then add the loot?  I’m having a blast with this group project and maybe I’m getting ahead of where we are because of that excitement.

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  1. Cool, you could also think along the lines of scaling the weapons and or loot to the party level. Any magical weapon would be valuable to a starting or low level party as all the non-corpreal undead can only be hit by magical weapons.

    High-ish level parties tend not worry too much about magic weapons as if the GM is one that gives out powerful magic then by the time they are high level they will already have powerful magic. If they don’t have it then the GM is not the sort of GM that gives it.

    The magic that I like to give out the most is single use magic. In this case maybe runes in the library but in the form of entire books or ritual rather than single sheets of rune paper.

    The palace could have the remains of an alchemical laboratory. You could then decide decide how likely any potion is to be spoiled depending on how much magic you want to give out.

    Single use magic has the added benefits of a) not overpowering someone else’s game and b) forcing the characters to make choices, do they use an item and it is gone or keep it for a possibly even more dire situation?

    1. These are awesome ideas! Perhaps in the hierarchy of creating a module such as this, the loot section deserves its own post just as a Library, Underground Cave, etc. have their own.

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