Fanzine – Dilemma, Dilemma!

It appears there is been a slight issue at Onebookshelf following their company retreat in mid-May. At the beginning of May I got the print proof copy of the Fanzine issue #1. I made a few editorial changes and resubmitted it thinking it could be better. Shortly after I recieved the proof of issue #2. Again I was going to make some changes to that one as well but thought I had loads of time so I would wait until I got the final version #1 back first.

Issue #1 seems to have disappeared into the ether despite me sending chasing emails to Onebookshelf.

So it is virtually June now and there is still no print version of April’s issue, May’s issue is available for me to hit the button that will make it available but I know it is not perfect and June’s issue is due any day.

So do I sit tight?

So do I put May’s issue out before April’s knowing it isn’t perfect? I can then get on with Junes. I can still apply what I have learned from these two to Junes issue. The added content that I was going to insert into Mays can be added to Junes so nothing is lost.

Or do I sit tight and wait until everything is perfect?

I am tempted to say go ahead with the imperfect editions. I can update the product description and say these were the very first issues and are not prefect. Then in months to come go back retrospectively and update the print editions. One never knows if the fanzine takes off these less than perfect versions could be collectors items. It works for these odd stamps that get printed upside down or in the wrong colour after all.

So what would you do?

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