Fanzine Week

I am having one of those crazy weeks where many things come together to clamour for my time and attention.

In the midst of this, it totally slipped my mind that the Rolemaster fanzine is due on the 6th.

For want of anything truly exciting in the editorial front, I am creating more adventures.

As always I am only using creatures from C&T 1 and Creatures & Monsters. The logic being that we know that these will be the monsters featured in Creature Law. All the adventures I have created for the past 3 years are forward compatible with RMu, when it lands.

It is a long time since I did anything with intelligent weapons, with agendas of their own. You can expect one of them. I am also determined to keep on creating adventures that I would call ‘urban adventures’. There is one of those as well.

Depending on how the creative muses treat me, this will be either a double or triple adventure issue.

I am hoping to get it published on Friday.

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