How we are doing now?

This is meant to be an intentionally vague and open question! A few thoughts from me.

  1. The Rolemasterblog has dropped a bit in internet RPG blog rankings from a few years ago. Now #59. Is this as simple as we are writing less blog posts? Has the initial enthusiasm for the RMBlog or RMU or even RM dropping a bit? So maybe neither good nor bad.
  2. COVID. Here in Maine, we are experiencing another surge in the pandemic. This could lead to another “shelter in place” or business shut down. I haven’t been able to visit my father in Florida for over a year and my family can only meet up via zoom. Heading to bad.
  3. RMU. Things seem to be progressing, but I’ve lost track of the small minutia around the rules. There still seems to be enthusiasm, so that’s good!
  4. Shadow World. Over at the discord server there seems to be a concerted group effort to write a SW module. This has been tried before, but they appear to be making progress. That’s good.
  5. 50 in 50. Things have really slowed down, BUT, the quality of our work has improved I think. Peter is putting out solid small adventures rather than the basic adventure hooks we focused on in version 1.
  6. My SW stuff. Obviously, I don’t have support of an editor, help with artwork and don’t have the time or skills to do so myself. I find the lack of feedback, positive or negative, to be disconcerting! I try to skew as close to Terry’s tone and style as I can, base it on Canon, (but filling in between the lines whenever possible). Is this material helpful? Useful? Used by other people? I don’t know! I would really like a few more collaborators to help push the SW “secondary market” further.
  7. Roleplaying. I look on with some envy on the popularity of “critical role” and other D&D based pop culture phenoms. Personally I cannot stand the tropes of Humans, Dwarf, Halfing, Elf vs Orc, Goblin, Troll; fighting dragons or Gygaxian settings. I don’t want to fight skeletons, large rats or live in the hollywood version of Middle Earth. That’s just me. However, I certainly love the fact that RPG’s are reaping the rewards of a life of gaming, fantasy, creativity and literature. Yay.

How are you doing?

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  1. 1. I suspect that the drop in position is due to a slowdown in output. Fewer blog posts mean fewer shares and all the sorts of stuff that they are using to measure and assign positions.
    2. Where I am is nearly Covid free. Scotland has 5 threat levels. Zero is covid free, Four is near-stay at home lockdown. We are at Level One. One advantage of being a remote rural community is that social distancing looks a lot like normal life.
    3. RMu does look like it is making progress and I also see the first green shoots of a marketing plan taking hold. This is good news.
    4. There are two discord servers, an official one and an unofficial one. Discord can be a huge time sink. The emphasis of the unofficial one seemed to be very much Middle Earth, so I spend more time on the office server. I am not a part of the SW module writing effort. I have virtually no knowledge of SW.
    5. Yes, this has slowed down, partly my fault. What I am writing is intended to be directly gameable. If you don’t want to use the adventure outline I create at least you get usable maps or locations. These take a little longer but I feel offer better value.
    6. My writing is now turning towards Pilot RPG, the partner to Navigator RPG. It is going slower than I had hoped but it is still possible to get a public beta out during 2020.
    7. There are some brave souls doing RM actual play videos. Search YouTube and you will find them.

  2. Sorry for the slowdown; that has partly been my fault. This has just been an unusually busy semester. Thankfully, it is coming to an end, and I look forward to getting back to blogging!

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