Double Feature

For the first time in what seems like months, we get two blog posts out in the same week!

I also published the Fanzine [Issue 43] last Friday and it is a double adventure issue.

I returned to the Undead this time. It seemed fitting seeing as the US was going Hallowe’en crazy, as normal. Things that will not just lay down and die seem quite fitting right now.

In Brian’s post, he talked about the fine details of RMu’s rules. I am hoping to receive a review copy before, or as, it hits the shelves. If I do, it is my intention to do a complete read-through, similar to the one I did for Zweihander a couple of months ago. A chapter by chapter analysis of what is in there and how it all works now.

To me, it feels like everything is waiting on the release of RMu now. It has been a very long wait and we deserve nice things.

2 Replies to “Double Feature”

  1. I really enjoyed the HARP readthrough, so I look forward to the RMU one. Assuming the core books drop at the same time, I take it ChL will be the first one? Actually, if ICE do drop a RMUlite version first, would you consider doing a readthrough of that first?

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