New Age!

My face to face group is finally coming around to using Fantasy Grounds. I have played in Fantasy Grounds games in the past, but was not massively impressed, I find the roleplay element became stilted and the maps and tokens took a lot of peoples attention. In many ways it started to resemble a table top wargame or board game, and not an RPG.

Our group is not going to get together any time soon. Fanasy Gounds is going to get another outing.

If anyone is running games on the platform, I could do with some assistance. As I say, I can join other people’s games but I cannot get the Port Forwarding to work to be able to be able to host a game.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it is because I am using wifi extenders, and I need to configure the port forwarding on these as well as the main router.

I am beginning to hate wifi networks, or is that wifi notworks?

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