Feldaryn’s Flying Ship

This week is Fanzine week and our latest 50 in 50 adventure.

Fanzine issue 12

This issue is the finishes the Essence part of BASiL with five new spell lists and as a preview of the Channelling lists there is one new featured channeling list ‘Minor Curses’. In addition you also get the Mummy and Mummy Lord as new monsters converted from 5e to Rolemaster. To round our the issue there are a few more articles on NPCs and player skills.

As this is Issue 12 it means we have completed our first year of the printed fanzine. It is also in some way fitting that this is the first issue to feature Craggle’s Shadow World art.

The fanzine is available on RPGnow and on Amazon in print and kindle editions.


In Feldaryn’s Flying Ship the characters come across a ship that is stuck – in a tree. The ship is actually a flying vessel and the sole individual on it – by all appearances a powerful mage – needs help getting the rigging untangled from the tree. The mage, Feldaryn, is not what he seems and can be a source of problems to the characters. Having access to flying transport may prove useful, though.

There is a three deck plan of the flying ship included.


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