A Game to ruin your Valentine’s Day

I do not often review a completely unrelated to RM game but I thought I would break with tradition.

You and your partner have been fighting for hours. You are at the point where the intensity has started to drop and you’re not sure why the fight started in the first place. Most of the fight was just rehashing old arguments that you still can’t resolve. You are exhausted and you are at the point of not remembering why you want to be in a relationship with your partner. Inevitably your argument turns into an “I remember when” conversation.

I Remember When is a two page ‘story teller’ RPG that is as far away from Rolemaster as you could possibly get.

In my opinion this is not a fun game. In fact I think I am a pretty good player and can get into character quickly and I enjoy creating personalities where even I do not know how they are going to develop. Having said that, I would have difficulty playing this game but I am not sure why.

If you have a role playing partner then give this game a go, at your peril. It is just 2 pages and doesn’t require any dice.

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  1. I didn’t think of doing a Valentine’s-themed supplement (and I’m currently at the idea stage of a couple of April Fool’s ones)! Ah well, maybe next year.

    1. If you saw my bunch of players you would never have thought of a Valentine’s supplement. I want to wash my eyes out just thinking about it.

          1. I don’t think I’d actually want to try and make a Valentine’s-themed adventure. Spells, skills and magic items yes. Adventures, not so much.

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