Gauntlet on the Ice – Now With a Hex Map

The 50 in 50 (yes, they aren’t quite all done yet) adventure hook Gauntlet on the Ice has just been updated with a new hex grid version of the battlemap in a second PDF.

It’s taken some time to get to this point, but if you have the adventure hook already, and are subscribed, you will have got a message about the update.

Figuring out how to get the hex grid to actually work has been a bit of a problem, but I found something that looks like it does the trick. It is, of all things, a font.

So, feedback on this is appreciated. If it looks good to everyone the rest of the adventures with battlemaps will be updated too.

2 Replies to “Gauntlet on the Ice – Now With a Hex Map”

  1. I already have the Gauntlet, but no notification, unless I glossed over it in my e-mails. I’ll definitely take a look because my parties are going to be encountering it as they have to head in the same direction.

    1. There was a change a bit ago, thanks to the GDPR, with how OBS are sending emails. About 40% of my email contacts got unsubscribed as a result. So you might not actually be getting emails any longer.

      The hexes seem to look okay, but I don’t know whether they might need neatening up, enhancing or moving.

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