Hot off the Presses!

This is one of those weeks were many things all come together.

Last week we published the first of the 50 in 50 mini supplements. The first was BriH’s Spires Reach. Last Saturday we published Far From the Baying Crowd and tomorrow another mini-supplement goes out. You can keep up to date by following Azukail Games on RPGnow.

Spire’s Reach is an adventure hook based around an enigmatic structure of the same name. This structure is a black box, a puzzle for players to discover and try to solve. The building can be used as an important element in an adventure, but one which players will need to attempt to solve in order to gain entry.


Far From A Baying Crowd is a short, two page adventure idea where the characters are in a village which has had problems with a werewolf. The characters should encounter the werewolf in human form and in a manner which makes the lycanthrope look like the victim, rather than the problem, and certainly much of what they say is actually true, if a bit misleading.

In addition The PDF and Kindle versions of Fanzine #7 went out this week. The print edition will be on Amazon early next week as the print on demand takes a little longer.

The monsters in this issue are: Bugbear, Ettin, the Giants,
Goblin, Gnoll,  Hobgoblin, Kobold, Ogre, Orc, Owlbear and Troll. Most of them come in variations for higher levels such as sergeants, captains and leaders.

I am thinking of doing the monsters in themetic blocks so there will be a block of undead, demons, dragons and so on. Releasing them piecemeal like this reduces the workload for me and means that you don’t have to wait a year or so for me to get around to do them all.

All the monsters will be listed eventually online in a one page, one monster format so people can freely access them. The plan is to try and get people to use them to produce indie adventure supplements for all flavours of RM!

So for me it is back to the grindstone to get more projects finished off! I will leave you with this 🙂


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  1. I like this cover art for the Monthly. We should get custom logo art for the top banner on the site like Tenkar’s Tavern!

  2. The November Monthly is really good, folks! I will certainly get use out of it and am looking forward to more monsters. I’m a bit ignorant in OGL/IP type matters, but is it possible to provide skill scores as well?
    I was wondering if a small list of generic-type skills such as, say: Social/Perception/Athletic/Craft/Lore/Subterfuge/Survival/
    Magical/Professional would do? Just list a base score in each with any exceptional modifiers noted below the stat block?

  3. Actually, I see from an earlier blog post that these are combat-only stat blocks, so perhaps there’s no need for further skill-type information (although from the point of view of creating content I personally would prefer more depth). Anyhow, keep the monsters coming!

    1. Hi,

      I will answer both comments in one.

      The IP issues mean that if we/I use too much that is unique ICE’s games then I am breaching their copyright.

      On the other hand you have the level of every monster and as a GM you can pretty quickly say “OK, this goblin is a lookout or scout so I will give him 2 ranks per level in perception.’ You have the level and a stat bonus you can apply.

      The monsters are intended for any and all versions of RM and hopefully future d100 games under the banner of Open100. The skill systems could then vary wildly between these systems and more detail could break the ‘open-ness’ of the monster stat blocks.

      Finally, as I said, these are not monsters you take home to meet your mother and have afternoon tea with.

      1. I haven’t checked out what you’ve done in the OGL, but you can always, if such is added to it, reference skills from other OGL games by adding them to the license. They usually correspond to skills in other games fairly well.

        1. I have referenced a lot of pathfinder books in the OGL to give me access to all the skills.

          There is absolutely no reason why I cannot add a selection of skills to the monsters. I started from the point of view that even using the C&T creatures in RMC I don’t have a full set of skills and I have always just estimated based upon the role of the creature )scout, warrior, shamen etc.) and the level.

          Incidentally, being able to access all the pathfinder material under the OGL gives me access to a load more creatures, spells and magic items. I just need to create conversion rules for them.

          1. True, there are an absolutely ridiculous number of monsters available for Pathfinder.

            One thing that 3.x/Pathfinder did that I find interesting is adding classes to monsters. Makes them more diverse, and more dangerous.

  4. I also think there’s a lot to be gained by adding classes to monsters – and Pathfinder’s templates offer something similar (given how potentially dangerous a Sheep can be in RM, I shudder to consider the impact of a Fiendish Sheep).
    I have a bunch of class- and template-like information sets that I add to the critters in my own campaign. Spices things up nicely and wrong-foots my players.

    1. I will give this serious thought.

      I have been bandying about the label Open100 a lot recently. The idea is that there is a general specification of what a PC should look like and anything that fits that spec is compatible with Open100.

      As the spec is broadly based upon an averaging of all the versions of RM plus other d100 games, by default all versions of RM are Open100 compatible.

      It then follows that Brian’s SWARM character creation rules are Open100 and BASiL is an Open100 magic system.

      I am discussing Open100 with another game systen curator as well.

      If skills and professions for monsters are desirable then I can easily add them to the Open100 monsters. I just need to read up on how they work and effect my templates.

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