Mating Season – Publication Round Up

This week’s 50 in 50 adventure hook is Mating Season. I wrote this one so obviously it is brilliant.

We wrote these adventures as a block many months ago now and to be honest when I saw the email saying that Mating Season has been published I didn’t actually remember writing it. I downloaded and expected to see one of Brian Hanson’s adventures.

Most of my adventures has slightly silly, or hopefully witty, titles so I should have guessed that this was one of mine! If you like to give your monsters a bit more background then you could well enjoy this one.

In Mating Season the king of the hill giants has died and the other giants are courting his widowed queen so that they can become the new king. Part of this courting process involves the bringing of gifts, and these gifts have got larger and more impressive. Until finally one giant’s gift is the characters. The PCs will need to escape or become a short-lived part of the new king’s coronation.

Elsewhere, rather belatedly, January’s fanzine issue is now available on Amazon.

I am also just putting the February edition together. I hope to have that issued by this time next week.

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