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Heading off to vacation so I probably won’t get new posts up for the next 10 days or so, but I thought I’d put up some random thoughts.

  1. It’s great to see new contributors to the Rolemasterblog! People who don’t sign up for the RM Forums don’t see the various RMU development threads and may not realize there is ongoing discussion and activity. I think this blog helps spread the word about RM and perhaps reaches other RPGers who might not go the forums.
  2. I got a few more messages re: BASiL mentalism spells. Right now I’m making real progress on finalizing my next submission: Empire of the Black Dragon and I’m very focused on that. Writing is HARD, but I find that it’s easier to write following your creative impulses. I’m having a great time writing adventures–its just flowing so I’m going to go with it. Part of it is the “unique’ nature of the material which is more fortresses and layouts than regional & cultural overview. Reformatting mentalism spells is more work than creative but I will get around to it!
  3. I started another great book, The Twelve Kings of Sharakhai. I’ve always loved a good desert setting and we really haven’t had one with Shadow World yet. Terry? With that said, I wonder if someone could come up with a unique desert culture that isn’t the standard middle eastern/Arabian tropes? I’ve always been intrigued by the Synshari race.
  4. I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs (and linking to good posts I find here). Not many Rolemaster blogs and almost no Shadow World blogs. BAD!!! The ones that I do find haven’t had any recent posts–some have been inactive for years.
  5. Armor makes a difference! My PC’s generally go light on the armor due to our simplified rules and the inherent trade off between encumbrance and protection but a couple of them are reconsidering…. The had a “run-in” with an Alliance Jenaara and Kal-chah warriors and got their butts kicked!
  6. Peter, the banner pic you put up is much better than the word jumble that was up before.
  7. I have a great artist interested in doing the layouts for my next project–hopefully he signs on!!
  8. I’m loading up my kindle for my trip–any good book recommendations?

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  1. Kingdom of the Desert Jewel is a desert setting, but it wasn’t written by Terry, I haven’t read it recently and I have a feeling it may have been flattened by the Alliance. The Alliance really needs a sourcebook. One (problem?) with desert settings is that they tend to be either Egyptian or Arabian in nature.

    1. Ed Greenwood, in the parts of the Forgotten Realms he created, never used real world cultures as inspiration. That was one problem he had with a lot of the official products after TSR started publishing them – so many were based on real world cultures. Although I suppose it would be difficult breaking the influence of Egyptian/Arabian culture on a desert setting. You’d somehow have to start from scratch, and a desert is going to limit things in some ways.

  2. The Alliance is an oligarchy based out of Agyra. They have expanded aggressively into Mulira and Thuul, and are now working on Emer as well. Technically led by Dyar elves, these are simply hosts for something more dangerous. The Alliance probably is the largest power on Kulthea at the present time, and is the biggest threat to the nations surrounding it, as they undermine and assimilate other polities.

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