One Muhaha, Two Muhaha

The title of this post should be spoken using the voice of the Count from Sesame Street.

There was no publication round up last week as I was en route from Norway to home and faffing about trying to embed links and what-not using just my phone was just too painful. As a result we have two adventure hooks to tell you about. The first is…

The Empty Village

In The Empty Village, characters come across a prosperous farming village, but one without any inhabitants, life or livestock. The village is utterly deserted and it seems the inhabitants disappeared without notice or expectation. Who could be responsible? That is up to the GM, but suggestions are provided.

Next up we have….

One Muhaha, Two Muhaha

In One Muhaha, Two Muhaha a new death cult has sprung up in town, attracting the offspring of the wealthy and taking them away from the established churches. Despite disapproval with the goings-on, little harm was being done by the cult. Until a body turned up, dressed like a cult member and drained of blood. The characters will need to discover what is really going on.

You can tell by the stupid title that One Muhaha, Two Muhaha is one of mine, while The Empty Village is a far more sensible offering from BriH.

What is even more awesome is the release of out second bundle. The Rolemasterblog 11-20 bundle is out and includes the second block of 10 adventures. If you have already purchased some of the previous adventures you get an automatic discount. Check out the bundle here.

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  1. This month I’ve had a serious uptick in sales coming from Pinterest, including the 50 in 50 supplements I think. After several years of posting RPG pins, a lot of them got repinned, in many cases multiple times.

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