Publication Round Up

We have two new things for you this week!

Thar’s Rustlers in Them There Hills is one of my 50in50 creations. The crux of this encounter is that the villains simply know more than the players and make best use of that knowledge. In this case they know the terrain, they know know their horses, how to ride ‘well’ and how to get the most from their mounts.

How big an impact this encounter will have on your campaign is up to you. The amount of stuff my players leave on their horses would make this encounter a serious pain in the arse!

Issue 14 of the Fanzine brings together more of Brian Hanson’s BASiL lists, this time for Mentalism as well as a couple of articles on undead and creating end of level style bosses. Oh, and we also get some more of Craig John’s wonderful Shadow World art.

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