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I have not posted for several months, but diligent in watching other posts here and on the Rolemaster Forums. What are your thoughts? We have done well with this blog, but if users migrate to the official RM Forum, what should we do??

What is our role here and Shadow World?

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  1. I tend to think it’s wise to keep a neutral or unofficial option for people to comment and discuss a game and its main setting.

  2. That gives the opportunity to present crossover, system neutral and also very alternative views on the RoleMaster ecosystem and RPG, not tied to ICE in general.

  3. Experience, interpretation and just general enthusiasm for a system, which and we need to be honest about this, has been marginalised through poor commercial decisions and an undeserved reputation of Chartmaster. There are a lot of gamers who do not know the system and have no way of knowing how great and flexible RM as a whole can be (not to mention the range of flavour). They won’t be on the official forums (to many threads) and plunging into discord is like sitting at the Barber Shop and listening to the old guys chat and not having a clue who they are talking about (plus its official so of course everyone will say its good).
    Keep going guys and don’t be afraid to have the occasional branch out to other D100 and comparisons. At some point there might even be new RM products to actually review!

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