RMC House Rules – My Experience System #2 Stat Gains

I have touched on this before in an earlier post (http://www.rolemasterblog.com/rmc-house-rules-character-creation-2-potentials-stat-gains/) where I said that the stats you are using are the ones you roll for.

What I want to do is break the connection between every time your skills improve you also do your stat gain rolls. This is one of the things that I feel sloows down the character maintenance in Rolemaster.

The problem is that went a stat changes a whole host of skills change with it. The problem is even slightly exacerbated by my use of the smoothed stat bonus. Where there were only 5 real break points where stat bonuses change (+5 through to +25) now there are dozens.

What I have found works quite nicely is to tie stat gains to periods of intense training/study and to periods of healing. This breaks the link between skills and stat gains but also makes paying for training in game directly result in tengible benefits for the characters. If you are paying to study with a tutor then you can roll your stat gains for the mental stats. If you are laid up with a broken leg then that also can give you time for reflection. Likewise characters may find a period of enforced rest brings with it long term benefits.

That is my basic logic. The mechanism is the same, roll d100 and roll higher than your temp stat to get a +1 to your temp. you are stil restricted to rolling for stats that you have actually applied to skills. It is just a case that they are now out of sync with the skill gain rolls.

The fact that stat bonuses are additive rather than averaged for skills makes the book keeping a bit quicker as well.

Next time I will cover Spell Lists.

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