RolemasterBlog Fanzine & More…

I uploaded the 44th issue of the Rolemaster blog fanzine yesterday (Sunday 6th). I am not sure how or why, but I seem to have settling on the 6th of the month as release day for it each month. I suspect that without a deadline it simply would not get done.

While I was in adventuring mode, the fanzine contains two adventures this month, I also wrote my next 50in50 adventure. I have passed that to Egdcltd/Adrian for his editing and battlemap making.

The 50in50 is going slower this time. First time around we were banging things out weekly right up until near the end. This time it is more like two a month, and 50 in 100 sounds a bit sad.

There was no way that anyone could have played everything the first time around in 50 weeks, we wrote just too much material. The supplements this time are slightly longer. I have been leaning towards short adventures or situation that would take one or two sessions to complete, possibly more.

You can tell by the cover that these adventures are not city/urban adventures for a change! I also think that they are ideal for characters at above 6th level.

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