Session 1, for real this time

Tuesday night was the first proper Rolemaster session I have run. I was prepared or it to be either a one-shot that degenerated into a learning experience, and prepared for it to be the start of a campaign.

The opening adventure was Creatures of the Night. It didn’t go strictly to plan, the first thing the characters did when the murders started was try to use the church tower to get an overview of the town.

Leaping from plot hook to showdown without passing through the adventure.

I set up my adventure using a story panel, to get what I imagined would be the general progression.

Of course, no plan is ever going to survive first contact with a player character party.

I am a fan of the story element. It made it very easy to just to the right place in my notes when they bypassed most of it and jumped to the church.

The “Church Horror” encounter was with the Gargoyle. That was one 5th level beastie against three first level characters, two fighters and a thief.

That fight was touch and go for a while. The three against one odds was the main deciding factor. One character was down to half a dozen hits, and bleeding at the end.

They have yet to explore the crypt, if they even bother.

That is probably where they will end up. There are more people who have disappeared than have been accounted for by the remains found with the gargoyle.

Two of the missing bodies are in the crypt, just waiting to be released. This is part of a side plot that they haven’t discovered yet.

So, at the end of the first real session, no one died, they all gained some experience and one mystery has been solved. Not a bad evening.

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      1. Most would probably need converting to Pathfinder, 1E or 2E, or D&D 5E, I think. Well supported large FG systems that you can publish for.

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