RPGaDay 2018 Day 11: Wildest Character Name?

This is well timed!

How about The Invincible Mage Eric the Terrible!

Eric is, or should I say was, the cause of much pain and suffering in our latest 50in50 adventure.

Following on from BriH’s 40th level spell and Rolemaster statted magic items in the The Curse of the Ancient Tomb this adventure has a new Rolemaster statted monster, the Velociraptor, the star of the first Jurasic Park movie.

You can tell by the stupid name that I wrote this but I assure you that this is a fun single page adventure and fully justifies getting out all those really cool dinosaurs from Creatures and Treasures.

I Am the Invincible Mage Eric the Terrible! sees the titular mage summon dinosaurs in order to terrorise a town. Sadly for Eric, although the summoning goes to plan, controlling the dinosaurs does not. Which leads to the characters having to deal with a town overrun by large, carnivorous creatures that are eating everything in sight and destroying much of what they see. Game stats for a velociraptor are included.

This is aimed at d100 systems but is generic enough in nature to be adapted to others.


I almost forgot but the Rolemasterblog Fanzine Issue #16 was released this week. It is all about adventures and adventure writing.  It touches on a undead adventures with “The Magpie Crypt” and a unique monster in The Cave of Horror. There is also an essay on The Faerie  Orchestra inspired by a real place in Iceland that could be a source of several adventures.


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  1. This may not be wild, but it is one of my favorite and I still have the PC from when he was created 20+ years ago. My friend rolled up a Duelist and named him Morn Steperon. If anyone is familiar with the sit-com Cheers, they may notice the anagram of Norm Peterson. Whenever the duelist walked into any tavern, he would say “Evenin everyone” to which the entire group replies “Morn!” It was creative and made me laugh, and I still grin a little to this day.

    Another PC name I really liked was Bondo, the Dwarf Who Bounces Back. He had an insanely high CO bonus and his Stunned Maneuver was already near 100 before rolling the dice. The baddies just could not put him down and no one could out-drink him at the tavern.

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