Shadow World – So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu

This will be a very brief post. I am on my way to Shadow World or more accurately I am about to get the train to meet up with my fellow players and GM for the final battle in the Shadow World campaign.

Considering that the characters were created for a one off adventure to introduce us to Shadow World and that was six years ago I think as an introduction it worked pretty well. Either tonight or tomorrow morning we will defeat the evil god Kabis or die trying either way that will be the end of our adventures in Shadow World.

We have been running two games each weekend to share the GMing duties and so everyone gets to play. These have been my Forgotten Realms game and the Curse of Kabis in Shadow World. Starting in the Autumn it will be Faerûn and a homebrew world.

Our Shadow World GM was the last diehard RM2 advocate as well. Myself and the new GM have both made the jump to Rolemaster Classic so it will be a little bit of a changing of the guard in that respect as well.

I will report back how the party faired next week. Hopefully they will get a bit further on and I will be able to share more details of creatures I have converted over. I had expected their opening adventure to be over long before this but you can never tell. What looks like something they will skip through in minutes can end up taking half a day to roleplay.

Until next week then…

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  1. Roll well my friend. May the goddess Fate smile upon you.

    “Thunder rolled . . It rolled a six.”

    ― Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

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