The Ghost of Christmas to Come

Right now I am holding on to a handful of monsters statistics I have converted over from D&D to Rolemaster. The reason being that I am converting them as needed for my game but my players have not encountered them yet. Some of these will be a real spoiler if the players knew they were around the next corner. It is a little frustrating as I really want to share them but cannot yet.

I was thinking about these creatures the other day and I had a cool idea. What I am going to build is a sort of (depending on which side of the fence you are looking in from) Monster Manual or Creatures and Treasures addendum. D&D monsters but Rolemaster stats but just for the creatures found in the Forgotten Realms and missing from the existing Creatures and Treasures.

I looked into this and as long as I do not intend to sell it then as I am promoting the Forgotten Realms then I would be covered by the Wizards of the Coast Fan Site license to use their intelectual property.

The descriptions I could take from the Forgotten Realms Wiki. I am more than happy to give attribution to that site. I think that site needs as much support as I can give it.

The rules for moster conversions are available on page 92 of the the RM2 Creatures and Treasures or as a seperate download from the Iron Crown website ‘vault’

My only contribution will be the time and effort to actually do the conversions plus the page layout and hosting. I will give the document away for free. I am not in this to make money off of other peoples ideas.

I am going to play around with some page layouts this weekend and share them on Monday. I will welcome any constructive feedback.


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  1. That sounds like a fun endeavor. Will you be converting for RM2 or RMU stats though, or both? I know you are pushing into RMU lately and the next Beta is due out.

    1. I will design for RM2/RMC. As far as Creature Law goes there are no differences between the two systems statistically. The RMC page layout is a little better but then it was released in 2011 compare to the RM2 version from 1985. The changes are really minor. The teeny-tiny text after a creatures name with all those codes is now the same size text as the main description which makes them easier to read. You lose the conversion notes for converting DnD and Runequest creatures to Rolemaster but you get a new section on creating your own monsters.

      When we finally see Creatures Law I will make RMU versions of the creatures. I am not holding my breath for that though.

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