Smells Like Stream Spirit and Fanzine #11

So this week we have one 50 in 50 adventure and the latest fanzine on both RPGnow (pdf) and Amazon (print).

First up is Smells Like Stream Spirit…

You can tell from the stupid title that this is one of mine. It was actually one of the first I wrote for the 50 in 50.

In Smells Like Stream Spirit, the characters will encounter some naiads. There are two families of naiads in the area who are generally hostile towards each other, but the hostility has not turned into outright war – yet. Naturally, a couple, one from each group, has fallen in love with other. Depending on how the characters interact with the naiads, they may incite a conflict – possibly by accident – or cause the two sides to reconcile.

Fanzine Time!

This months issue is all about BASiL and contains 33 new spell lists. I am the first to admit that all the content in this issue is also available as a free download on this site but if you buy the print editions you get real physical books that you can read easily off line, share with your players at the gaming table. For me that is the real added value, real books for a hobby that cries out for pen and paper.

You can buy the pdf on RPGnow and the print edition on Amazon. The kindle edition should be along any time this coming week. If you have kindle Unlimited then you can read it for free!

Edit: The kindle version went live on Sunday. You can find it here.

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