Stop Press! Publication Round Up!

Last week was an über week for us.

First up we have The Inn of Dusk. This is the latest 50 in 50 adventure  hook and the 17th so far.

The Inn of Dusk is an inn that has been haphazardly extended over the years. It is the focal point of the local community and sits near an old and now rarely used trade route. The Inn has a secret and is far more dangerous to visit than might be though; quite what the hazard is can be chosen by the GM from a list suggested for different power levels.

Next up we have had a bit of cross over with the Fanzine.

Issue 9 went out in both Print and Kindle editions. This was one of my favourite issues so far with three adventures, new monsters and the return of the Shadow World section.

Overlapping with the delayed print and kindle editions, the PDF version went out much earlier, we have Issue 10 of the fanzine (February 2018). This is a really important issue as it contains the first printing of BASiL (Essence pt 1), completely updated advice and notes from using BASiL.

Essence Part 1 added 35 new spell lists to Rolemaster. It is available on RPGnow/Drivethu as PDF and in print and Kindle on Amazon.

Oh and I am experimenting with new look covers. These latest editions are up to 70 to 80+ pages so we are putting out a decent magazine I feel.


Finally, Azukail Games published the Ominous Place Name Generator last week. It is a Pay What You Want product so if you want to treat yourself to something new then pick up a copy.

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