Copper Sales Medal

The City of Spiders, one of the first supplements published in the 50 in 50 series (there are still some more left to publish; I’m working on finishing off one that Brian sent me but damaging my back, my arm, my shoulder, my finger and Christmas have all got in the way!) has just reached the Copper best seller rank on RPGNow.

This is the first supplement to achieve a best-selling metal rank, although when RPGNow sales are merged with DriveThruRPGs in a month or so, many more are going to achieve this.

So, thank you anyone who bought this supplement. If you haven’t, well here’s The City of Spiders on RPGNow. Showing off its shiny new medal!

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  1. Hurin


    Congratulations guys! That is really great to hear.

    Sorry to hear about your injury EG.

    • egdcltd


      Thanks! Yes, the amount of damage I managed to inflict on myself in the last few months of the year wasn’t great. All those things I did were done at different times (moving a collapsible mobility scooter, typing, rolling dice – a lot – and typing again).

      • Spectre


        This is fantastic news, apart from you damaging your body and damaging Christmas! What kind of Scrooge are you??

        City of Spiders is one of my favorite supplements. I’ve used it once and I’m moving an entirely different group into the area near the city so chances are high that they will enter the city as well.

        • egdcltd


          To be fair, I didn’t stick to damaging Christmas – I caused problems from October onwards!

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