The Tree of Sighing Blades

This is a very late post for our latest 50in50 adventure.

The Tree of Sighing Blades is an unusual and special tree, and its sap has special properties that are greatly desired. Harvesting the sap is not easy, though, as the leaves of the tree are very sharp and constantly fall and swirl in the air, apparently seeking out any who try and making it a dangerous proposition.

This is another of our battle map issues. We are still using the squared map but the hex map is in the pipeline!

Tomorrow my first priority gaming-wise is to put together the Issue 14 of the fanzine which is all built around BASiL and Mentalism.

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  1. Peter, would you mind taking a look at the hex map sample I added to Google Drive? I can do the hexes, but I think I may have measured the wrong way. The hexes used are 5′ from point to point; I think they should be 5′ from side to side instead.

    1. So a hex that is 5′ across would have each side of 2.887′, or call that 2.9′.

      Can you scale the hex grid that you have by a factor of 0.577 in both dimensions and see how that looks?

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