The Warehouse Heist

This week’s 50 in 50 adventure hook is The Warehouse Heist.
In The Warehouse Heist, the characters have been hired to recover a small item from a dockside warehouse. The item is hidden and the employer wants it removing before the shipment is inspected. However, the characters are not the only people looking to recover the item before it is found, and they may end up in a rooftop chase.

This is one of my favourites so far. The adventure has so many possibilities relating to what the item is, who else is after it, who hired the PCs and so on.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I wish we could stat these out for RM and SW. I have all the numbers, organizations (this took place in Eidolon) and magic gear that would add a lot o& value to the product.

    1. It’s a shame we can’t. We could always do conversions for Pathfinder and 5E, and perhaps situate things in the Forgotten Realms in the latter case.

      This supplement also includes a battlemap. Which I’m pointing out because adding all the barrels and crates turned out to be really time consuming!

    2. There may be a way. We could take the best few of the first twelve 50in50 and stat them all up and put them forward as Guild Adventurers submissions.

      1. Of course the problem with The Guild Adventurer is there is no idea as to when it would actually be published. I don’t really expect the next issue to take years of development as the last did, with HARP Bestiary having made good progress, but I haven’t noticed a call for content or even a definite confirmation that another edition is in progress yet.

  2. I’ve downloaded several of these little $1 nodules and I’ve used a couple in the campaign already. This one looks fantastic. These little “inserts” into the campaign have now become canon for my gaming world. The cabin in the woods will be there now, just about 1 mile off the travel route. It will forever be the gathering place for unscrupulous individuals, or down-on-their-luck vagrants needing a flop house. If it’s burned to the ground, someone will rebuild it.

    The majority of the campaign has been taking place in the northern continents and the areas surrounding Gryphonburg. The Gauntlet on the Ice is now a dangerous shortcut that will be available to players. Now this warehouse is going to become part of the lore.

    At the absolute least… the giant, full color maps are worth the $1 purchase! I love the maps, I love the story hooks. Thank you to all the writers and contributors.

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